1. Once you have completed your manuscript and collected all your photos and other artwork, the next step is to determine the cost to produce your book. The printing price is based on the number of pages in the book and the number of copies you want printed. 

  2. If you have already done the typesetting of the text pages and cover design work then you know what the finished page count is and your book is PRINT READY. Use the price charts to determine the cost, or you can go to the Request for Quotation page and email us the specifications and we will return a written price quote. 

    If your book is in manuscript form and you want us to do the typesetting and cover design you need to determine the number of pages that the book will be when it is typeset to the finished specifications. The most accurate method for determining the number of finished page  is to use the word count of your manuscript. You can get the word count from your word-processing program or you can count the words manually. Go to the TYPESETTING for help with determining the finished page count and typesetting prices then add the typesetting price to the PRINT READY printing price.

  3. Fill out the Request for Quotation form and we will send you a written quote, brochure, price list and sample book.