Book Production Price Guide

The cost to produce your book is determined by the finished trim size, number of pages in your finished book and the number of books produced. The price per book goes down as the quantity increases. If your book can be accepted as print ready, you can find the price per book in the PRINT READY price lists. 

If you need typesetting and cover design go to the TYPESETTING AND DESIGN prices and then add them to the PRINT READY printing price.


No additional charge for PRINT READY FILES. In order to qualify for our PRINT READY prices you must provide us with a high-resolution PDF file for the text and cover.

The text pages must be the same size as the book's final trim size with the proper margins and include all graphics, page numbering and design elements that you want in your book and should contain all the pages in one file. As with the old "camera ready" artwork, what-you-see is what-you-get. We are going to reproduce exactly what is provided to us in the file.

The cover file should include all color graphics, and can be either RGB or CMYK. Any bleeds on the cover should be 1/4". The file should include crop marks at the four corners and the spine width (we can tell you the proper spine dimensions for your page count).

We will send you a printed set of page proofs and a color cover proof for your final approval prior to printing.

$50.00 set -up charge plus 1.00 per page for Non-PDF format print ready files. You can also provide us with files from PageMaker, InDesign, Quark, Illustrator or Photoshop. We can also work with files from MS Word and WordPerfect. If you do not need typesetting and design work we will produce a PDF file from your program file from one of these programs. You will need to also send us all the font files and image files that are used in the document

The best way to get your book's text pages camera ready is to do the design work in one of the popular desktop publishing (page layout) programs such as PageMaker, In Design, or Quark. These programs are used by professional graphic artist and will produce the best possible results.  Other programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Corel Ventura, Macromedia Freehand, Corel WordPerfect and others can also be used. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are the industry standard programs for graphics and photo design and manipulation. After completing the design work you should convert your files to PDF files to qualify for PRINT READY prices.

REGARDING PHOTOS AND ARTWORK   If you are scanning your own photos be sure to scan at 300 dpi at the correct output (printing) size as they will appear in your book. Changing the dpi and output size after scanning will result in poor quality photos. Always save your photos as .TIFF or .EPS files. Never use the .JPG format for photos that will be used for printing. Line art should be scanned at 1200 dpi and saved as a bitmap format .TIFF or .EPS file. Please provide all scanned images as separate files so we can adjust them if needed. 


$4.00 per page for text page layout from your manuscript in word-processing or ASCII text format on disk. These files can be from programs such as MS Word or WordPerfect, etc. 

$6.00 - $9.00 per page non-electronic (typewritten or printed pages, not on disk), quoted after reviewing submitted material. 

Typesetting prices include the layout of the title page, copyright page, table of contents, running heads, spell checking, and page numbering. There is no additional charge for scanning, sizing,  and inserting black and white halftones or black line art, one per page. For example, if your book has 40 pages there is no charge for up to 40 halftones that can be placed anywhere in your book. We will also place, size, and format captions for your photos. You will receive an emailed PDF proof or a mailed  printed page proof to you for final approval prior to printing.

$1.00 per page for Scanning Pre-Printed Material. If you have a previously published book but no electronic files we can scan your previously printed book to create a print-ready file. These pages cannot be edited and can only be reprinted exactly as they appear in your provided copy.


$150 for complete design of your book cover.  We will turn your ideas into a beautiful cover. Cover design is one of the most important elements of book production. Our design team will create an eye-catching cover from your supplied photos or artwork or we can also provide copyright free images from our own library of stock photos and artwork. A color proof will be emailed as a PDF or JPG file, or a color printed proof will can be mailed to you for final approval.

To estimate the total number of finished pages, divide the number of words in your manuscript by the appropriate number of words per page from the chart below. Be sure to add pages for the title page, copyright page, table of contents, index, photo or art pages, or any other necessary pages to the finished page count.
Words per page on the Typeset Book Page
Finished Trim 10 point 11 point 12 point
5.5 x 8.5 390 350 290
6 x 9 580 400 390
8.5 x 11 800 760 710
DELIVERY AND TURN-AROUND    Books are shipped via UPS, FOB Bend, Oregon. The standard turn around time is 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of your order to delivery. Production times vary according to the job specifications.
TERMS   One half of the production cost is requested with your order. The balance is due on or prior to delivery.  

  PRINT READY Price List

5½ x 8½

You can send us your specifications and get a written quote here.

6 x 9

You can send us your specifications and get a written quote here.

8½ x 11

You can send us your specifications and get a written quote here.